Services Provided

Assistance with the Process:

  • How do I get my child tested?
  • How do I read an evaluation?
  • How do I read an IEP?
  • How should meaningful goals be written?
  • What are the expectations at ARD meetings?
  • What is my role as a parent?
  • How do I understand special Education Law and Rights—FERPA & PL-94-142
  • What are the specific meanings of Accommodation and Modifications?
  • What happens next?

Document(s) Review:

I will review FIE, IEP, 504, and Progress Reports. This information should give me a clear understanding of your child’s current programming and its appropriateness.  After the initial document review, I will meet with you in person, or remotely, to discuss my findings and recommendations for how to proceed. 

When you or your child’s rights have been violated, filing in court or for due process may be necessary.  At that time, we can discuss if a referral to an attorney will be made. I do not practice law nor offer legal advice.

Assistance with Meetings:

School meetings can be difficult and intimidating.  I can attend meetings with you and offer whatever level of support you desire.  For example, you may want to take the lead in the meeting and I will be there solely to alert you to specific questions you should ask. If, however, your desire is that I take a more active role until you are more comfortable, I can also do that. Our collaboration will be tailored to your specific needs.