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Hello! I’m here to help you stay on track and face life’s little storms.

Serving East Parker County

“Encourage & support your kids because “Children are apt to live up to what you believe of them.” ~ Lady Bird Johnson


Wait and Observe: deliveries, repairman, utility installations,etc…

  For Example: If your hot water heater goes out, I will meet the repairman and wait and observe while they fix it and lock up when they leave.

Pickup Service: dry cleaning, medication, supplies, meals, etc…

   For Example:  Are your hands full or are you 30 minutes away and can’t make it before they close? I’ve got you covered!

Pet Care: let pets in and out, clean cat box, feed and water, etc…

     For Example: You have an unexpected meeting and won’t make it home in time to let your dog out. I can let them out for you so you won’t have a mess when you get home!

Backyard Chicken Care: open/close coop, feed and water, egg collection

For Example: Are you going away for a few days or are you enjoying a late night out? I will make sure all of your ladies are safe, fed and watered, and not turning into little broody bodies!

House Checks:  bring trash cans in or out, water plants, mail/package retrieval, turn lights on and off, teenager checks, etc…

For Example: When you are out of town or just out for a late night, I will make sure all is well.  Basically, I will do a Mommy drive by. Moms, you know what I mean.

I Forgot: I will deliver forgotten items to you or your family. You can take it out of their allowance. Lol!

Teachers: As an experienced teacher, I can help with materials preparation, deliver and run errands during school hours, pick up lunch (or Sonic) for your team when it’s been one of those days.

Extra Eyes and Hands: I will accompany children with disabilities and their families on outings.

For example: I will accompany your family to the zoo to make the outing more fun and relaxing.

Miscellaneous and Fill in the Blank: If you are in a bind or someone is a no show, let me know. Maybe I can help!


  • Charges are dependent upon the type of work I do and the time involved. They are based on $10.00 per hour, my minimum service charge. Pet and backyard chicken sitting services are charged per trip. The amount due is determined by time and distance involved. I establish prices before I provide service. You get no surprises, and neither do I!

  • Extra Eyes and Hands  $20 per hour

*I accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, Venmo, Cash

How It Works

  • Fill out the contact form and I will contact you.

  • We will talk about what type of service you need and you may ask questions.

  • If we decide that I am the right person for the job, I will send you my reference list.

  • With the reference list, I will send you a link to my BOOK A SERVICE page and you may book away!



Bee N Bonnet, LLC is owned and operated by me, Jennifer Sims!  I am a mother of 2 great boys, a Stepmomster to 3 wonderful children, a wife and a dog owner. Raymond and I have just one “baby” left at home, but at one time there were 7 humans, 2 dogs and 15 chickens! We look back and don’t know how we did it.

After teaching for 19 years and moving from Austin, Texas, to East Parker County, I decided to try something new.  I enjoy learning new things and seeking out grand adventures. My current learning endeavors include, beekeeping, amateur radio operation, special education advocacy and entrepreneurship.  I’m trying to talk my husband into welding, but that has yet to be successful. Something was said about loss of life and limb. Oh well.

With all that said, I want to help families. That is my true skill set. I want to help with life’s little emergencies and the never ending to do lists.  When I think of who I want to serve, I am thinking of parents. I tried to think of the little hassles that come up at the last minute when you’re across town standing in the mile long checkout line.  Someone calls a last minute meeting and you’re not going to make it home before the dog leaves a mess on the rug or maybe you just want to go out and relax.

My experience as a teacher, mother, wife and friend can help you relieve a bit of the stress in your life. Let me help! We’ve got this. You’ll see!


Special Education and General Education Teacher (PK-8th grade)

May 1998-May 2018

Chicken Owner

2 Successful Flocks (second flock had a ornery rooster)

Substitute Teacher

Currently working part time for 2 local educational agencies


Bachelors of Science

Interdisciplinary Studies, 1998, University of Texas at Tyler


I will provide you with reference list after initial contact.


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